Steinhausen Watch Winder

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Has anyone heard of Steinhausen watch winders? Or, do any of you own one? If so, what can you tell me about them? I am looking at the one pictured here. It is a quad that runs on AC and is made of cherry wood.
Thanks for any input you may have. If someone does have one or better yet this one, could you post a picture for me?

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I've had the Burlwood version of that winder for a couple of years. Sorry though, no pictures to share of it.

One of the winder heads quit working several months ago and upon opening it up, I couldn't see a quick fix. Would probably need replacement. Got no help on that from the company from which it was ordered (not Steinhausen). So, I just go with the 3 that work, (which have gotten a little noisy by now), and use the 4th as a display head.

My wife and I each have a solar powered watch that we put in the front
"windows" to keep them charged. It is a nice piece of watch furniture.

Not sure what type of info you're looking for, but I hope this helps.

I would add that the winders are individually programmable for time/rest duration and direction of rotation.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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