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Have a 64 vintage Speedmaster Deville which could use a little help.

Cal 550, runs but of course needs to be serviced. Have a new Borel 317-30 crystal.

The case was engraved "Thanks for 25 years of service to XX company" (now go away to Florida to croak) and I'd like to get an unmolested Speedmaster case for it. The case number is 2345662, LL 6287-1. It is GF, not 14K.

I wouldn't mind a stainless case because I don't really like wearing gold, so I'd need the case, crystal rim and crown.

I also want to get the dial refinished, it is grotty to the point of being unpresentable. I've contacted four dial places asking for time and cost, and have gotten NO answer from any of them. One in California, one in the midwest, one in Singapore and one other - nobody answers.

I can get OEM replacement hands and a buckle (Borel again).

Service will probably be someone in PA unless someone can recommend an alternative, he doesn't want me to remove the dial and send it out, he wants to do the whole thing. He's well regarded, but I want to do this part myself.

There's an O ring on the stem (split stem, movement comes out the front if the notch in the stem is in the 12-6 position, otherwise it won't come out) and I am wondering what size O ring it might be (I have a selection) and if there are any special tricks in changing it, or just unscrew the crown and replace - I'd rather ask first and not chance breaking anything.

I plan to wear the watch myself. I don't plan to sell it and I am not about to ask "whatsit worth" because I don't care. (I'm like that, if I like it, I keep it.)

Any help or pointers will be appreciated. No pix yet, it is embarrassing, but I'll send pix when it is done.

Thank you and best regards,

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