Source for gray lizard or sharkskin 22mm strap for this watch...

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Title says almost everything I want to know, except that I don't want to spend more on a strap than I did on the watch! I just don't think the rubber strap that came on it does it justice, and would like to try it with a gray lizard or shark. I normally don't care for lizard, but for some reason I seem to think one would look good on this. Maybe it was seeing the lizard strap that came on the Android Double Excapement that I bought, then sold before even wearing it! I just made too many purhases lately and had to let a few go. Anyway, here's the watch for which I'd like to find a nice replacement strap. I'm open to other suggestions as well, but no NATO. I like the idea of NATO, but it just seems to me that over time they will scratch up case backs. If I get a watch without a display back, maybe I'll give one a try. Okay, now I mean it - here is a photo!

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