Some Thoughts on Time and Having a Watch

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Like the greatest of Russian autobiographers, Alexander Herzen, much time was needed for the events in my life to settle into “a perspicuous thought,” a thought I could convey in both a meaningful and written form. Like Herzen, too, some of my thoughts were uncomfortable and melancholy, but in writing I was able to reconcile them, after several unsatisfactory attempts, with my rational faculty. Art--and for me the art of writing--is an outward integration inspired by a degree of inner disintegration. Having a watch to let me know what time it is did not help in the slightest with my emotional life, although it did have immense practical value especially when I was a teacher with 30 children in my class-Ron Price, Tasmania:cool1:
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Thanks for describing clear and comprehensible with a word that is anything but :biggrin:. Just reminds those of us who feel well versed with the language how limited the horizons of our abilities really are. :001_unsure:
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