Some Thoughts on Time and Having a Watch

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Like the greatest of Russian autobiographers, Alexander Herzen, much time was needed for the events in my life to settle into “a perspicuous thought,” a thought I could convey in both a meaningful and written form. Like Herzen, too, some of my thoughts were uncomfortable and melancholy, but in writing I was able to reconcile them, after several unsatisfactory attempts, with my rational faculty. Art--and for me the art of writing--is an outward integration inspired by a degree of inner disintegration. Having a watch to let me know what time it is did not help in the slightest with my emotional life, although it did have immense practical value especially when I was a teacher with 30 children in my class-Ron Price, Tasmania:cool1:
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Welcome, Ron.
As a former teacher and writer, I appreciate your words. Writing has always been a catharsis for me, too. The watch is more than the sum of its parts. The watch is a miniature mechanical marvel that is a metaphor for you.
You wrote: Art--and for me the art of writing--is an outward integration inspired by a degree of inner disintegration.
The art and science of horology are ultimately married to become the timepiece.
Inside are a confusing array of mechanics (the science), which despite their complexity, produce miraculous accuracy and subtle satisfaction. Outside lies the art of design and style which stimulates one's visual sense and pleases the desire for breathtaking beauty.

Welcome to WTF!
Welcome to the forum. I expect some well worded scripts on the utilitarian watch pieces that helped maintain control of the tots. Most readers here love photographs if you are able! Welcome again!
my mom is a journalism major, I sent this link to her! very well said.

Thanks for describing clear and comprehensible with a word that is anything but :biggrin:. Just reminds those of us who feel well versed with the language how limited the horizons of our abilities really are. :001_unsure:
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