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clicking sound???


All of the suggestions offered here sound plausible, but if you've looked all of them over I might be inclined to lean towards the dial not being fastened all the way down with either one or both of the dial feet screws on the sides of the movement. If you hear the clicking whilst the watch is not moving, I doubt it's the dial, though. How often do the clicks occur...every couple of seconds...continuously? From the top, is the end of the sweep hand coming into contact now with markers on the dial where it might pause and then release creating a click over all or particular markers?

I guess it's possible, too, that a tooth in a particular train wheel is bent and everytime that particular tooth is engaged it "clicks" past it. If the frequency is consistent you might be looking at a bad train wheel. It shouldn't harm the movement if that's the case, though, although ultimately I think you might want to have it more fully diagnosed just for your piece of mind.

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