SKX173 size

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I have been scouring the internet for a shot of the SKX173 shown on someone's wrist to see how big/small this actually is. Can someone provide help in this department? I have been unable to find one in stores, and would like to get an idea of the size prior to purchase. Any photos are appreciated. Also, love hearing stories of the 150m divers that have been around for 30 years. Am I fooling myself to believe that in 2008, manufacturing can take these 30-40 years?
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WELCOME to the J&A Forum at WTF:thumbup1:

I don't have a SKX173, but I do own a SKX175 (case should be the same) thats somewhere
over 11 years old and has been a great watch.
the size is about 41-42mm case size and stands about 14mm high on the wrist and is still comfortable to wear. it's just a bit larger than the Rolex Submariner, and about the same as the Omega Seamaster 2254.50.

I think I have a picture of the 175 but it looks average size on my wrist since my wrist measures about 8 3/8"..

I own 3 of these type divers and all seem like fine watches..

hope this helps,

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Mr Snowman,

sorry, I knew you didn't ask about the color, I was just showing you the size.

all 4 of these watches (including the 173) are the same case and size..

I think if I were buying a new one today, I'd get the one Mr Marc has pictured on the right.. or the 173... it should look pretty good with about any style of dress, well except a TUX maybe...:lol:

either way the 200m diver series has always been a great watch, and the timing bezel one of the smoothest operation of ANY brand dive watch that I have tried out.. you may not need the bezel though...

good luck, at least you know what size they are:thumbup1:

now you just have to decide if black is the color, it's a good choice:thumbup1:

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yes Mr Snowman,

I believe you are correct the J refers to "made in Japan" the K refers to Malaysia or Singapore I believe.

the dial markers, hands, second hand style,and bezel inserts are as far as I know the only differences between these watches, the movements are the same 7S26 workhorse movements.

I have the SKX175K1, SKX A35, and the SKX 011. the 175 was made in Singapore, A35 made in Malaysia, and the 011 was made in Japan and I see no quality, fit or finish differences at all. BTW the A35 at the top of the main page is mine...

it would not bother me the origin of birth of any Seiko. find the one you like and the warranty length you feel comfortable with and don't worry about the rest they are all Seikos..
the 173 is a good looking choice, and yes... I only have one watch other than Seiko that lays this nice on the wrist.:thumbup1:

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thats great Mr Snowman...:thumbup1:

did you get the jubilee bracelet or the rubber strap?

you can get an original Seiko Jubilee bracelet for about $30,

I also got the simulated carbon fiber strap for my A35 I haven't put on yet.

CONGRATS, I'm sure you"ll love it, they are classic diver's watches:thumbup:


BTW, waiting on the pics:blink::blink::lol::lol:
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