SKX173 size

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I have been scouring the internet for a shot of the SKX173 shown on someone's wrist to see how big/small this actually is. Can someone provide help in this department? I have been unable to find one in stores, and would like to get an idea of the size prior to purchase. Any photos are appreciated. Also, love hearing stories of the 150m divers that have been around for 30 years. Am I fooling myself to believe that in 2008, manufacturing can take these 30-40 years?
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Thanks diver. I have looked at the pepsi and the yellow face, but am not sure the colors will work to wear in business.
Marc thanks. I was also looking at a the metal band on the watch. Appreciate the pics.

I like the pic you sent because it shows how flat the watch sits. Invicta seems to have a back on it that would raise the main portion of the watch off the arm a bit. I am almost positive the 173 is the watch for me. Maybe down the road I may get yellow or pepsi. I did have a question when looking at dealers like 21jewels. What is the difference in the 007K and 007J. I would guess this is country of manufacture, but is there any better choice? Is this any different than the 173 other than markers?
Dropped the Hammer

Ended up with a SKX173 on order tonight. I am not sure why there is a $35 premium on square markers, but I decided that it was the style I was looking for. Now it is time to do something in the way of a strap. I am thinking carbon fiber look, but may just go with a sporty leather. I appreciate your help. I will post a pic when it comes in.
Ended up getting the skx173 the other day. I really love all but the rubber strap. Does not go with my work. I have ordered a Breitling Navitimer band. The one on the bottom of this link:

Cant wait to get it in now so that I can wear it to work. Thanks for the help in the choice.
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