Skeletons in Hamilton's closet?

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And I ain't talkin about movements!
Is this stuff from the watch company?

Factory Rules from the Handbook to Lowell, 1848
REGULATIONS TO BE OBSERVED by all persons employed in the factories of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company. The overseers are to be always in their rooms at the starting of the mill, and not absent unnecessarily during working hours. They are to see that a ll those employed in their rooms, are in their places in due season, and keep a correct account of their time and work. They may grant leave of absence to those employed under them, when they have spare hands to supply their places, and not otherwise, exc ept in cases of absolute necessity.

All persons in the employ of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, are to observe the regulations of the room where they are employed. They are not to be absent from their work without the consent of the over-seer, except in cases of sickness, and then t hey are to send him word of the cause of their absence. They are to board in one of the houses of the company and give information at the counting room, where they board, when they begin, or, whenever they change their boarding place; and are to observe t he regulations of their boarding-house.

Those intending to leave the employment of the company, are to give at least two weeks' notice thereof to their overseer.

All persons entering into the employment of the company, are considered as engaged for twelve months, and those who leave sooner, or do not comply with all these regulations, will not be entitled to a regular discharge.

The company will not employ any one who is habitually absent from public worship on the Sabbath, or known to be guilty of immorality.

A physician will attend once in every month at the counting-room, to vaccinate all who may need it, free of expense.

Payment will be made monthly, including board and wages. The accounts will be made up to the last Saturday but one in every month, and paid in the course of the following week.

These regulations are considered part of the contract, with which all persons entering into the employment of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, engage to comply.

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The word that tips it off is "Lowell," which is referring to Lowell, MA, the center for textile manufacturing in the Northeast. I've run across this type of document many times so I'll bet you this was a textile manufacturer. The document indicates that the workers lived in "mill houses" where every part of their lives were controlled... even their religious practices. This is very typical of textile manufacturers. Not many other industries used "the family wage system," so the conditions make perfect sense. So there you go.

Can't really tie watches in with the story until the 1920s when timekeeping took on a whole new meaning and the work began being measured for efficiency. Workers call it the "stretch-out." I'm sure some of the foremen were wearing Hamilton watches, so actually, Hamilton contributed to the exploitation of the American worker. Hats off to all of you Hamilton collectors; you must be proud!:D:D:D
Those darn Swiss !:biggrin:
Hamilton didn't sell out to the Swiss until much later. Any halfhearted Hammie historian can tell you this.:T:T:T
Revo...admit're a "closet" Hammie!
I might pick up one of the Square Jazzmasters just to wear around the house as a beater. I like the retro design, but I'm afraid what people will think if I wear it out in public. I have a reputation to uphold.:D
Hey Eddie,

Yeah, I live in the downtown historic district. You familiar with Monroe?
Monroe is right outside of Charlotte on the SE side.
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