Size matters

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I'm really starting to love my Air-King again having given most of my wrist-time to my Sea-Dweller recently.
I guess i'm fortunate to have thin wrists, the AK is the perfect size for me!
:lol: :thumbup:
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I really, really like the purity of the AK. It is the perfect blend of simple, classic, Rolex style.
I too think it's a fantastic, simple & elegant design... :thumbup1:

I just wish it came in a 40, or 42mm.... :sad:
They have it in a 40mm, they just call it the Milgauss :001_tt2:

More seriously, both are clean, uncluttered, no date Rolexes. If you want it in the larger size, then its just the Milgauss (unless baselworld offers more). I think of it as an AK, with a bit of anti-mag thrown in with a sweet lightning bold second hand.
My wife really likes the AK. Unfortunately she wants one for her! :scared:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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