Sinn 857 UTC Tegimented

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With the dollar just bottoming out day in and day out, I think I have decided to not wait till Basel and to finally pull the trigger.

This is the object of my affections...what does everyone think. I expect to order on Monday.

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i like it, but honestly, i dont see what warrants the price. of course i love the design, but there are countless watches out there with designs similar, in much lower price ranges, with nearly equal quality. but once youre set youre set, dont let me change your mind (as if that was a possibility!)

I am open to suggestions...I started out looking at the Archimede Flieger, and also the Fortis Flieger. The 2893 movement, the protection at -40 celsius, the tegimented aspect, etc all seemed to shoot buy me.

Tomorrow is the day I order...I don't like to order anything on the weekend, so I am curious as to what other watches you would have me consider.

I like it - no gimmicks
Thanx...straighforward, rock solid, good movement, bullet proof.
Nice watch Scott.

Have you considered a Bell & Ross Type Marine? It has a similar look and is supposed to be very durable. They also have the Hydromax version for those days you want to go down to 36,000 feet.
I think the B and R are quartz movements, and as the grandson and grandnephew of master watchmakers, I honor my past with mechanicals.

Great looking watches though! Thanx!
Great choice!
Virtually indestrucible timepiece.

Thanx Foggy...the heart wants what the heart wants...and my Nomos is looking for a friend that speaks the language.
I figured the quartz thing might be a turnoff to you...just throwing out ideas.

You can't go wrong with the Sinn.:thumbup1:
no showed me a very cool watch which I would otherwise not know about. My wife likes the BR-01 series very much.
I don't think I have been anywhere that I could have dropped a watch 36,000 feet :scared:

That is a nice looking watch. I'm not familiar with the Sinn brand but hear they are good watches. If it's what you want, listen to your self, and not anyone else :thumbup1: collection seems to be following a pattern...taking the vintage and quartz watches out of the mix, my daily rotation is my Ball Moonphase, Ball NightTrain, Anonimo Chronoscopio, and for dressier days my Nomos Ludwig or D Freemont Sapphire. The two Balls and the Anonimo get the bulk of my wrist time and I think the Sinn would fit in well with these guyz:

and coming soon:

I think it makes for a nice rotation.

for the dressier days:

for vintage moods:

"Green Friendly:"

There are others in the collection, but in terms of a rotation SOTC of my go to watches, this is it.
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Have you looked at the Vollmer or Tutima aviation styles?
In the Volmer pricepoint I liked the Archimede a bit more. Tutima is not really my cup o tea.

Thanx...keep the ideas coming guyz.
By the way, great watches you have there! And I see how the Sinn would fit into the rotation. I say go for it regardless of my own oppinion! Its what you really want, get it!

I was going to mention Anonimo, but looks like youve already got one!

P.S. what is the size of the Ball moonphase? That watch is beautiful!
Thanx for your feedback...that's exactly what I wanted, good honest feedback so I can think this decision through and make sure I make it correctly.

The Ball Moonphase is 40x13 and is a wonderful watch. Like all Balls, superb fit and finish, the moon and stars glow in the dark, and over a week, it may gain a total of two seconds on the wrist.
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Another cool Pilot is Damsko...but try finding one...

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Thanx for the questions and feedback guyz. I actually did not pull the trigger.

Some days I woke up wanting the watch, some days not. I would look at the 856, the same watch w/out bezel, and it starting looking less and less complete.

Anyway, I am now part of the waiting list for Damasko:
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