Single fold or butterfly deployant

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The lether strap bug has gotten hold of me, and I recently ordered several leather straps with tang style buckles. I now realize these straps can be fitted with aftermarket deployant clasps and was wondering:

1. Which is better - single fold or butterfly? and
2. Any recomendation on brand/sourche of deployant clasps?
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The one thing to look for is how long the fold is. I sold the deployant for my IWC because it was too long and it was uncomfortable. Dual (butterfly) is usually much more balanced and sits evenly under your wrist. The Watch Prince has quite a few I think.
butterfly deployant's can be tricky to get latched up.
I prefer the butterfly, and I would second the recommendation for The Watch Prince. I've ordered a few from them, and have only had positive experiences, every single time...
I actually prefer the single fold deployants. BUT, you have to be careful with aftermarket single folds. While most aftermarket butterfly's are push-button secured, most singles are friction secured & as such LESS secure. I've only found a few push-button single folds (and a couple well securing friction), and love those. But throw a standard friction in there & I'll take a butterfly instead.....
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