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I've always liked Panerai for the simplicity of the dials. The original models always had a simple black face with stark, easy to read numbers. That is the appeal to me. Post Vendome, they seem to have gone over the top with new models and so many now appear cluttered. It seems odd to have chronos, gmt, power reserve on a watch whose original intent was to be easy to read underwater and in the dark.

What do you think of all the extra "stuff" that they have added over the past few years? Does it make the watch more attractive or does it detract?

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New models....

You have posted an excellent thought.

Originally, Panerai was indeed known for Simple and Clean watches.

From the first prototype in 1936 that lead to a production in 1938 up until 1997 we saw models that had only a Base dial or a dial with a sub seconds dial at 9....except for the the Mare Nostrum.

In the "A" series we saw a few automatics with date and GMT but still somewhat simple. In 2002 there was a move to display backs (I did not forget about the Pam 21) on the Handwounds.

Then, starting just a couple of years ago, the direction of Panerai moved from the history of the brand through a renaissance to what I have called for a few years to the "Cartierization" of the brand.

This was to bring in more and more "New to Panerai" enthusiasts while increasing production numbers.

There are many who purchase only "T" dials to keep the history but as the brand grows it is inevitable that a Corporate stance is to sell more watches at a higher price.

Only Time will tell if this is the correct way to go...but in the meantime we can enjoy the beauty of the models we love and leave the remainder of the models for those who do not wish to enjoy the history.

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Hi Mr Shimside,

I'm afraid I will be sitting on the fence here:

I like the simplicity of the Black Seal watch, for example.

However, because Paneria make larger watches I feel that complications, such as GMT, date, power reserve indicators, etc, do not completely overpower the original aesthetics of the watch.

I would be very happy with a Black Seal but if I had the money I would go for the GMT/Alarm Radiomir. And if money were no object I would go for the 1950 8 days Chrono Luminor.
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