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Or tell us what makes up your Invicta collection? Since there are alot of new members and it has not been done in a while.

Remember we love photos, so the more the better.:thumbup:

Invicta cheese only.;)
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woooooo weeeeee, dem some nice watches and photos :w00t:

Couple of questions...

I noticed the dial texture on Triton's gold speed looks like bricks. Is that suppose to represent the famed bricks on the Indy "speedway"... which leads to the obvious question, is the watch named for that particular speedway?

Also, the hands on 13ECHO's chrono retrograde diver look half finished... did they forget to put some chrome on there?

P.S. I nominate 13ECHO as forum photographer :001_tt2:
The Speedway is actually stainless,my photography skills are pretty weak:blink:
I'm not sure what the dial texture is supposed to represent,it kind of looks like a checkered flag:confused1:
New member to the forum, although have been reading here for some time. Finally decided to join in. Please forgive the lackluster photos for now. Am working on something better. I have about 20 watches currently, 8 of which are Invictas (have had as many as 17, but sold the lesser worns). I am indeed a fan of the brand. I purchased my first Invicta (Pro Diver with embossed stainless bezel, black dial, no wing on second hand) in '04 when I wanted a daily beater to wear while working. I was getting nervous about doing damage to my Oris that I wore everyday at the time. I was surprised with the quality of it and am happy to say it is still going strong today. I will post a picture of it eventually, definitely has some dings and scratches, but that's alright. Here are two of my favorite Invictas from a couple of photos I took last year.
dubLLtime,welcome to the WTF,great folk here.
Portland,Me. , cool we're neighbors,I live right down the street from you.:thumbup1:
That's a great start pal:thumbup1:nice collection.
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