Show us your Zodiacs

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OK, I know there's more than a few of us kickin around WTF who own a Zodiac or two (banned, auto and rusty:wink:), so let's show em off
Here's my new Oceanaire

And my Sea Dragon
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Beautiful Zs, guys!:thumbup1:

Mr. Rusty, I didn't know you had TWO!:thumbup:
So guys,

Those are some great looking watches... :thumbup1:

Aside from what seems to be mostly quartz, is there anything you wish you could change on them? In other words, if you had to pick something, what would you say you don't like about your Zodiac? I'm not looking for bash posts, but I don't know much about them & they look pretty dang good, so I'd like to know what cons (if any) you feel there are to them.. Thanks!
I would like to see some more autos from them, too. Their "new" Oceanaire, however, is a disgrace. Looks nothing like a dive watch (it actually looks like a trendy Fossil). And they do a terrible job of promoting the brand or coming up with fresh designs. If you go to their Web site they still have a copyright date of 2006, which says to me that they don't pay much attention to their presence on the Internet. I do have to say, however, that their quartzes are top notch. Impeccable fit and finish. When I had the battery changed on my Sea Dragon recently, I got a peek at the movement inside, which looked really solid and all metal parts. Also, the original battery was a Renata battery, a Swiss company owned by Swatch, which my battery guy (who owns an Interstate Battery franchise) said is a top notch battery maker/supplier. To me that said a lot about the quality the company puts into its watches. Now if they'd only refresh their line up!
The reason I asked about the movement is that all the Oceanaires and several of the other models were all listed as having quartz movements. But all you guy's watches are autos, so do you guys have older models, or does Zodiac make small numbers of autos in those designs, or the website is old?

I like the look and the price point. But I'm missing information. Where does one go to get a auto Oceanaire?
BV, the Oceanaire that I have is model no. Z08002. The Oceanaire's that you see on the Zodiac Web site are Z085XX and Z0900X models. The Z0805 models are quartz, but the newest, the Z0900Xs (which to me look too much like a Fossil), are autos, I assume using the same CL-888 movements.

The ones that Auto, Banned and I have are the Z0800X models, which are no longer produced. I bought the last one here in my town, and I had zero luck finding any on the Web, even the bay. I think the only way you are going to find the models that we have is by checking the bay or the used market.

I hope that helps.
So are we left to speculate that Fossil's cost cutting has made these new Oceanaires with quartz hearts?
No, not the newest Oceanaires. They are automatic, but they don't look ANYTHING like the model you inquired of. The quartz Oceanaires came in BETWEEN the diver style auto and the Fossil looking auto.
I just went to the site and looked. Those things are an abomination! You can tell Fossil is running things over there. They trick you with the main photo of the original, and then BAM!
It stinks, doesn't it!:mad: Shame on them for not keeping an eye on the Web site!:blushing:
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