Show us your Zodiacs

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OK, I know there's more than a few of us kickin around WTF who own a Zodiac or two (banned, auto and rusty:wink:), so let's show em off
Here's my new Oceanaire

And my Sea Dragon
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This Zodiac Calame uses an automatic modular movement by Dubois-Depraz (Caliber 2025 – base ETA ebauche). So it's essentially a non-chronograph movement with the chronograph feature strapped on its back (for lack of a better analogy).

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Nice watch MGIRAZ! Don't see many of those around. I believe that movement is pretty rare too!
Thanks banned, You know the watch is on the smaller side..You can't read the date out of the date window....but there is something about that curved crystal and thick case that I really like about this thing...I will never sell this one.
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