Show us your Zodiacs

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OK, I know there's more than a few of us kickin around WTF who own a Zodiac or two (banned, auto and rusty:wink:), so let's show em off
Here's my new Oceanaire

And my Sea Dragon
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Nice watch MGIRAZ! Don't see many of those around. I believe that movement is pretty rare too!
Scott. I think obviously they need more autos, the build quality on my Oceanaire at least is very good, so I would not change that. I think their biggest downfall is in the Dragon, and Wolf series, they use alot of crazy color combinations that alot of people don't like. I can't see the brand sustaining for much longer, even under Fossil's control. The Oceanaire was really hot for awhile on some other forums a couple of years ago. Now it's very hard to find one. I guess they just quit making them. The watch company has an awesome history, and some of their pre-bankruptcy designs are spectacular......."Foggys mystery dial". I just think right now, they are fading away.
Thats a good question BULL. Mine was purchased in 2006. All the auto Oceanaires are numbered........ Mine is 841. I have no idea how many were made, maybe some of the other guys can give their numbers. I have not seen this new Oceanaire that orange refers to.

PM sent as far as vendors go.
BV, the Oceanaire that I have is model no. Z08002. The Oceanaire's that you see on the Zodiac Web site are Z085XX and Z0900X models. The Z0805 models are quartz, but the newest, the Z0900Xs (which to me look too much like a Fossil), are autos, I assume using the same CL-888 movements.

The ones that Auto, Banned and I have are the Z0800X models, which are no longer produced. I bought the last one here in my town, and I had zero luck finding any on the Web, even the bay. I think the only way you are going to find the models that we have is by checking the bay or the used market.

I hope that helps.
I just went to the site and looked. Those things are an abomination! You can tell Fossil is running things over there. They trick you with the main photo of the original, and then BAM!
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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