Show us your winders

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I backed myself into a corner. I've got a precious ProDiver 4848 automatic with no winder. I haven't minded yet cuz I usually wear it 4-5 days/week, and when it does stop, I like to wind it anyway - easy to amuse, I know. But now I've got 2 more autos on the way (The Legend 8926, and an Orient power reserve) and I doubt I'll be able to keep up with them. My collection is growing pretty rapidly, and I'd like to stick to automatics for a while, so I'd outgrow a 4-piece winder quickly. Any suggestions?

While you're at it, how bout some winder shots???

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When I started a similar thread you posted the same picture. I did ask you a question regarding your watch winder and you never answered me!!! SO IS IT AC OR DC??? LMAO
You should be flattered because I took the picture just for YOU!:biggrin:
I'm afraid to answer the AC/DC question for fear of self-incrimination!:D
The impression that I'm getting is that winders aren't really a necessity. I don't mind winding an automatic every time before I wear it (even setting the date, like on a Pro Diver), in fact I kinda like doing it. I just want to be sure this wouldn't harm the watch in any way.
I didn't mean to make light of your thread, but the temptation was too great. I decided early on that if the choice is between spending a couple hundred on a winder or a new watch, that I would go with the latter. As my collection grows, it's a little more problematic as some watches go several days or even weeks without being wound. At some point, I'll probably break down and by a nice system that has four or six winders. But that's a long ways off. I still want to buy some more watches!:biggrin:
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