Should my PO have come with a cleaning cloth?

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Hi, I have seen pictures of Omega Planet Oceans with what looks like a grey cleaning cloth with the Omega logo, seahorse and words Omega Planet Ocean embossed on it.

Should my Planet Ocean have come with this?
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I don't think so Mr Inked. I recently viewed a P.O. at an AD and I was not offered the cloth you were speaking of.... so I'm not sure.

I have seen those on the auction site by the sea, at one time.

a young lady working at an AD once had on a pair of white gloves that said Omega Seamaster on them, but I've not seen those available for sale .

maybe you could ask your AD for a polishing cloth, worth a shot:thumbup1:


I would say either it's a perk the AD put's in or it may be
a market area thing, given in the UK, not in the US, but you're in the UK too right Mr Inked? I dunno:confused1:

I know with Invicta watches a lot of folks got an Invicta cleaning cloth,
I never got one with the four I bought.. maybe it's just a conspiracy for me not to get an included cleaning cloth:lol::lol:

I bet you could easily get one from your AD either way Mr Inked:thumbup1:

Mr Mick, would it be convienient for you to snap a picture of your P.O.
with the cleaning cloth, that would really cool to see.. thanks:thumbup1:

I like pictures you see...:biggrin:


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he had posted a pic with the cloth...:thumbup1:

thanks for that Mr Inked:thumbup1:

thought that's not the same cloth I'd seen before, there must be more than one style, the other one I have seen is smaller and different...hmmm:001_smile:

All PO's come with the cloth as pictured above if they are from an AD, sometime a bit hit and miss if bought from elsewhere.

Regarding the box, it is displayed on the Pictogram Card the correct box for that particular watch, box logo with a number in the middle.

3 = Red Leather Box
6 = Wooden Box

Hello, and WELCOME Watchobsession to WTF and the Omega Forum:thumbup:
so now we know they should come with one, but do the AD's??

Items which should be included don't always go home with the watches.
that may be part of the situation Mr Diver:eek:hmy:

that's a nice looking cloth,( thanks for the pictures) looks like the AD owes you one for sure Mr Inked :):)


good to see you Mr Hal:thumbup1:

you didn't get one either? hmmm, sorry to hear that.

but it's a great watch:thumbup:

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