Should my PO have come with a cleaning cloth?

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Hi, I have seen pictures of Omega Planet Oceans with what looks like a grey cleaning cloth with the Omega logo, seahorse and words Omega Planet Ocean embossed on it.

Should my Planet Ocean have come with this?
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I would say either it's a perk the AD put's in or it may be
a market area thing, given in the UK, not in the US, but you're in the UK too right Mr Inked? I dunno:confused1:

I know with Invicta watches a lot of folks got an Invicta cleaning cloth,
I never got one with the four I bought.. maybe it's just a conspiracy for me not to get an included cleaning cloth:lol::lol:

I bet you could easily get one from your AD either way Mr Inked:thumbup1:

Mr Mick, would it be convienient for you to snap a picture of your P.O.
with the cleaning cloth, that would really cool to see.. thanks:thumbup1:

I like pictures you see...:biggrin:


look at this hope this works, click link


he had posted a pic with the cloth...:thumbup1:

thanks for that Mr Inked:thumbup1:

thought that's not the same cloth I'd seen before, there must be more than one style, the other one I have seen is smaller and different...hmmm:001_smile:

this is the one i was given
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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