Should it Stay or Should it Go?

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Second guessing a recent order I placed for an Invicta Reserve Speedway with 37 jewel automatic. Bought it for a great deal... about $725 shipped, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should pass this one by. For any of you that do not know, this is a top level movement (ETA 2894) within the Invicta Reserve collection and the Speedway design is one of Invicta's most popular. The movement alone sells for about $450 retail, so this would be a great deal on the watch. However, I'm not a big chrono guy. Had one, sold it and haven't gone back that direction.

There's no doubt, the watch would be a very nice addition to my small Invicta collection. But I've had my mouse pointer over the cancel order button several times. Also, it is scheduled to ship in a day or two and I would be charged $15 shipping, plus another $5 or 6 to return it if I decided to return it.

What do you guys think, is this too good a deal to pass up or should I sit this one out?

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I think you are doing the right thing. Even though it is a super good deal, it is still a good chunk of change. For that much $$ you should be looking out the window for big brown every time you hears something coming down the street. I just purchased a watch I wanted so bad I paid the extra for overnight shipping. I also have a few impulse buys (because they were good deals) gathering dust. On those, I wish I had cancelled when I had the chance. Something else will come along that you will just have to have and because you did not take this one you will have the coins for it. You will be real glad then.

Great and good luck on that future piece that you will not be able to live without!:thumbup:
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