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1) Offhand, I don't remember any WTF'ers that own ANY NOVE watches, but then, I can't remember every watch in every collection our guys have mentioned.
2) It is powered by a Swiss Ronda quartz movement, one of the best that Switzerland produces. They're just as good as anything produced by ETA or Sellita.
I'm not aware of any torture tests done on this brand, so I have no idea about its quality control, craftsmanship, attention to detail, water-tightness, etc.
I've scanned most of the professional watch reviews, and while I can't find any glowing raves on the brand, I also can't find anybody saying bad about NOVE either.
3) It's your money; buy the watch if you really want one.
Personally, I could save $350 by getting a brand new Seiko that does everything that this watch does (and WITHOUT the extraneous visual distractions such as the screw-down rings circling the sub-dials on the face, and whatever those things are at the 3 & 9 positions on the bezel). Then again, you could definitely do worse. NOVE is based in Geneva, Switzerland which means you aren't buying Jap Crap, but it sucks if you have to ship the watch over to Europe to have any warrantee work done on it.
BOTTOM LINE: read all the reviews (And ask someone like us if you read anything you can't understand) and make your own decision. You need to be the only one who decides HOW to spend your hard earned dollars!
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I own the Trident Automatic from Nove.
In terms of styling... Either you like it or you don't.
But as far as Quality goes, these watches pack a serious punch.
They are very well built and the finishing is excellent.

I have a personal hands on experience on my blog if you are interested.

Kr Michael.
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