Should I be flattered?

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Just found a photo of my ladies 100th Anniversary Accutron on eBay. It must have been lifted from our forum as this is the only place where I posted it. Should I be flattered or angry?
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That didn't take long! Last night, I politely asked the seller where he/she got the photo and it vanished in a puff of smoke. My photos have never been up to the quality of some here at the Watch Talk Forums but to have someone pick one out over all others on the Internet ......... but then, I guess having one lifted for commercial use isn't cool.
I guess the reason I didn't get too excited about the use of my photo was that the seller did not represent it as the actual image of the item for sale. He/She only used it to illustrate the type of watch that the anniversary band would have fit. Funny thing is the seller doesn't know that Bulova made the 100th Anniversary Accutrons in both ladies and gents sizes and hasn't bothered to measure the width of the strap. Someone should tell the seller but I won't.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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