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So, I was at my local dealer today, looking at what they had to offer, and two pieces caught my eye:

(borrowed photos)

Man, I just couldn't decide. I was also looking at the Carlos Coste:

To be honest, though, the Coste, nice as it was, was really too big. Not so much in diameter, but in height.

So, I'm torn between the two watches above. The TT3 has a funky clasp; not weak or cheap; just funky in its' design. I did, however, really like the diamter, which is 43.5mm. The TT1 Diver was sweet. Nice and hefty.

The dealer gives me a 20% discount because my company buys a lot of watches from them. I could get both of the watches for some pocket change under two grand.

If you were going to pick one, which would it be, and why?
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Steve of the two choices I would go with Diver SS because as you said its just hefty looking watch.Also do not like the rubber strap on the other.If it was me I would love an Oris TT1 Chronograph SS or even their Regulateur.
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