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Hi All

My first post here and Houston kindly invited me here. He was very kind to provide me information and advice on Speedmasters and I thought to return the courtesy and share with the forum here some of my early photographs of my Seasmaster Chrono. I have had this watch for some years and this set of images were taken and published just mid last year. Tough as nails and worth every cent.

Many other watches have come and gone but my Seamaster is still with me.

Hope you enjoy the photos.



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Hey Harry

A very warm welcome to WTF and OMEGALand. Glad you could join us my friend.

Thanks for posting your link - it's a lovely watch which I had been eying up for a while. That jet black dial seems too small to accommodate those subdials but it isn't in reality, is it? Everything is so precise and well-laid out on that watch. I tried it out when I was choosing between the Speedmaster and it and recall how perfectly aligned the continuous seconds hand was to the markers on the sub dial at 9 o'clock. You may be interested to know that we have a photo contest currently on here in OMEGALand

You'll need to send your entries to my friend Mr Terry Diver88. We find Photobucket to be the perfect host for our purposes so if you have a photo bucket account, you'll know what to do. If not here's a quick guide -


Posting pictures is very easy. Here's what you do -

1. Register with a picture host like
This is a free service for up to 1,000 images.

2. Once registered, use the choose or browse function on your photobucket homepage to locate the image you wish to post, from your hard drive

PLEASE REMEMBER to set the maximum size of the image
800 x 600 is best
Anything else would make viewing and accessing the page for users difficult.

3. Click SELECT and then UPLOAD

4. Once uploaded, simply copy the fourth option under each image on your photobucket homepage and paste it into the body of your text here. This fourth link is the Image Tag.

Look forward to your participation. Who knows what could lead on from here :thumbup:

Catch up soon and be well now :001_smile:


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:) hello and Welcome Mr Horolographer,

those are some really nice photos of a really c o o l watch :drool::drool:

we're glad you came around and shared them with us:thumbup1:

as my friend Mr Houston mentioned, we have just kicked off a new Omega Photo Contest and it would be wonderful if you join in on the fun:thumbup:

thanks again so much for joining us here:):)

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