Sending this to Secaucus...

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After much mulling, some great recommendations. and checking postage/insurance/reliability issues with sending overseas etc., I've decided to send this old faithful Seamaster to Omega in NJ, USA for a refurbish....

What should I expect..???

Here some pics I took with harsh light to show the worst..

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If I were in the good ole US of A, I'd probably seek out Fr John's or Scott's watchmaker ( may well be the same fella if I'm not mistaken ) for an alternative appraisal.

How about that Larry?

Wish you well :)

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Hey Larry, you will have to let us know how it comes back from Seacacus. I've heard mixed reviews. Did they say how long it will take?
I've never heard a good comment. Or if there was it was lost in all the bad comments.

Good luck
The reviews are heavily weighted toward the negative side wrt Secaucus, Larry. :sad:

For a complete refurbish, like that, the Bienne batting average is much much better. Were it me, it would go to Bienne regardless of the mailing issues. If you need corroboration, post to WUS or TZ and ask what the collective experience has been for major work done at Secaucus and check the replies you get.
For minor work such as bezel replacement etc I'd be ok with NJ, but for a complete overhaul on such a nice vintage I'd send it to the land off cuckoo clocks, chocoloate and soldiers that carry small multifunction pen knives!

It'll be worth it in the long run.
I have to concur with the collective opinion here.

In fact, I'm planning to send mine to Bienne for refurbishment (it's not a vintage piece either).

The vintage parts are more likely to be found/re-made in Bienne where they have all the original blueprints and spare parts stock.

It looks to me that a new case will be needed for your watch, and I doubt (but could be wrong) that NJ has them in stock anyway...

Send it USPS with insurance in the amount you want to insure it for. That way, if there is a problem, it will be covered (although vintage stuff can never be replaced).

Alternately, you can go with FedEx and have a tracking number all the way to the acceptance signature (no tracking is available on USPS packages, as the local Postal service takes it from the airport in-country). Insurance is also available with FedEx, and recommended.

I work for a Swiss company and ship there all the time. I have never had a package get lost (typically sent via FedEx).

Best of luck with whatever you decide. Do keep us posted if you decide to go with NJ. It is possible their level of service has improved in recent times, and we need to know if this is true...:thumbup1:
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To comment further on Jim's shipment method.

Sending it USPS is the absolute safest way (USPS falls under federal statues, all others do not. Also USPS can *NOT* open any package unless they have a court order, all others can open any package for *ANY* reason they wish.)

But, if you want to feel even safer, ship it registered. It is the ultra most secure way to send it. The package is sent under lock and key, and EVERY person who comes in contact with the locked device must sign for it.
Thanks for everybodies comments.

After reviewing the pros and cons.....and discussing issues, it appears that Secaucus is not the best place to go with my vintage piece.

I'va also heard that if shipped out to Bienne, the time can be from several months to over a year.....

I live on the US West Coast, and what I have found is that Nesbit's, a family owned Omega Authorized Service Center located in Seattle WA. carries old parts and prides itself in top quality vintage work.. Also, the turn around time is a couple of months..

The old Seamaster has been packaged, shipped and is on it's way to Nesbit's. I will get an estimate in a couple of weeks and let everyone know the progress..

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