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Hi all. I recently ordered a Seiko sumo from seiya website on Sunday. My credit card was charged $478, have not been notified of the status of my order. It's now wednesday in Japan and you'd think he would have processed my order by now. Well, I cancelled my order on the website due to a lack of response, but will he credit my visa for the $478? I paid through paypal. Just wondering if anyone else have dealt with this guy before and whether he is reputable or not. Thanks all.
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Thanks all for the responses. I'm not completely new to the forum as I was a member from the old forum. Yes, after sending him two emails, he did refund my credit card rather quickly. He said in the email that he had to order a new one and that it would have taken a few days. All he had to do was send me an email confirmation in the first place telling me what was going on with my order. I was already hesitant ordering from a Japanese business, but after my credit card being charged $478 and not hearing a sinlge feedback regarding my order for 3 days made me a little jittery. Since he refunded my credit card, I have not ruled out doing business with him in the near future. He is a honorable man. Again thanks all for the responses.
a few days back. National Foundation Day on Feb. 11th.

He doesn't work over the weekend as well.

That plus the time difference from Japan may have easily accounted for the 3-4 day dearth in communication.

The charge to the credit card is probably by Paypal I presume?
Correct, it was Paypal. Like I said, he is a man of his words and he did refund my account quickly. And I did take into consideration the time difference and the national holiday in Japan. It's just that a simple confirmation that my order is being processed would have erased any doubts and not just an automated email stating "thank you for your order." I most definitely will try buying from him again in the future. For now just gonna wish they will use the new (6r15) winding, hackable movement in the Samurai in the near future.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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