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I am repairing a monogrammed Seiko Sports 100 7T32-7D89 for my son. It was a high school grad gift 10 years ago, and it has sentimental value. The crystal was smashed, and the watch was generally abused.

I got the bezel off (pried it) and replaced the crystal in the metal ring. I polished and buffed all the parts, and they look pretty good now. But the parts fell on the floor and I lost the opportunity to note the assembly order & orientation of the rings. There is a white teflon ring, the crystal (and it's metal ring), the chapter ring, and a stainless steel ring with 4 bent tabs. Clearly this stainless steel ring is meant to go on in a certain direction.

Can anyone tell me how these parts re-assemble? Is this all supposed to rotate freely when re-assembled? How does the chapter ring stay stuck to the metal bezel so it doesn't slip when one turns the bezel? I can put pics on here if that would help. Thanks very much!
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