Seiko Spirit GMT

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Here's an interesting Seiko for everyday wear;

Seiko Spirit Perpetual Calendar GMT

Seiko SBQJ015
Japan Only Market Quartz Model
Titanium with Diashield Treatment
8F56 Cal (accuracy +/-20s per year)
True GMT
Perpetual Calendar
10 year battery life
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What a great looking watch - on the SS bracelet, and the strap.
Any idea how much this is going for (just a conversion of yen to usd if possible)
Congrats PhotoGuy,

Now some closeups and wrist shots are in order. :D

Yeah, where's the pics..... we loooove pics :thumbup:
The best part is it is a true GMT. Many GMT in the market are not true GMT.
Bullosa, can you clarify what you mean by 'true GMT'?
Do you mean that it stays locked to GMT, which would not be very useful for most people who would prefer a second time zone indicator that can be set to any time zone?
A true GMT watch behaves like this. The 12-hour hand is quickset instead of the date. Rolex and Omega GMTs behave similarly. On the ETA 2893 and most other GMT movements found on Timex, Victorinox and others, the 24 hour hand quicksets in one direction, the date the other.

It is more intuitive for the 12 hour hand to be quickset and keep the GMT hand to GMT or home time since night/day can be easily determined on location by looking out the window.
Thanks very much Vandice. To be honest I don't see what difference either method would make as long as the 24hr hand (2nd time) can be set to another time. I guess I would have to try both to see what you mean about the intuitiveness of one method over the other.
And not having a GMT watch in my collection (yet, hoping for a Sinn UTC857 or Rolex GMT Master II, but can't see either of them anywhere in the near future....:sad:), I can't comment from experience.
If you'd like to see a video demonstrating how the hands work on a "true GMT", check out this Rolex GMT Master II video:

It's exactly the same on my Seiko Spirit GMT (SBQJ015), minus the Rolex cachet of course.

It would be nice to have a rotating bezel to track a third timezone, but oh well... :)
Thanks very much for the link to a video of my current 'grail' watch. It was interesting.
But what a bunch of sad sacks posting comments under the video. It's staggering the amount of ignorance out there. Oh and of course someone had to post a reply about how Omega is so much better than Rolex because of blah, blah if that had something to do with how a Rolex GMT works :mad:.
Oh well, thanks again for the link.
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