Seiko Spirit GMT

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Here's an interesting Seiko for everyday wear;

Seiko Spirit Perpetual Calendar GMT

Seiko SBQJ015
Japan Only Market Quartz Model
Titanium with Diashield Treatment
8F56 Cal (accuracy +/-20s per year)
True GMT
Perpetual Calendar
10 year battery life
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It looks great on leathers too. Someone posted his with a Spiedel on another forum and it looks great. I will ask him if I could post his pictures here.:thumbup1:

The bracelet and casing is titanium that is surface hardened to resist scratches.

The best part is it is a true GMT. Many GMT in the market are not true GMT.
Here's another picture of this watch;

Pic from ebay
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Pictures courtesy of Hiro1963

SBQJ015 size comparison with PO

SBQJ015 on leather

SBQJ015 with DiModell Deployant
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@FloridaGary; I agree with you that JDM watches tend to be on classical conservative side as far as design and size goes. This Seiko Spirit GMT appears larger then case size specs given as illustrated in the picture below.

SBQJ015 size comparison with PO
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What a great looking watch - on the SS bracelet, and the strap.
Any idea how much this is going for (just a conversion of yen to usd if possible)
It's going for $399 at one of my fav Japan Only site. BTW the bracelet is is not SS, it's titanium with scratch resistant treatment.
Hi Photoguy,

It's is a personal preference but I think the size is versatile to accomodate a broad range of wrist sizes. Vandice who posts here owns one and he has small wrists too. This is one of my favorite and I have been looking at it again the last couple of days. :001_wub:

Hello Bender,

Welcome and thx for sharing...I feel my resistance to spending on a new watch weakening now. :001_wub::D
So for those interested, I did end up ordering this watch. Given the reaction on this message board I figured I wouldn't take a huge loss if I needed to unload it because it didn't fit. I also tried on many other watches and came to realize that it wasn't so huge especially if it didn't weigh that much. Anyway, to make a long story short, it fits like a glove! In fact it fits better than my much smaller Tissot. In some ways I think the size actually helps because the back of my wrist is rather flat. Thanks to everyone for your help and for posting all the pics.

Congrats PhotoGuy,

Now some closeups and wrist shots are in order. :D

Oh wow:001_wub: very nice picture, there.
Very nice shot! How's the watch holding to it's accuracy claim? My 8Fxx's accuracy has somewhat improved over the last few months. It has drifted -4s in the last 6months. :thumbup1:
I wish they made a modern GMT automatic like Omega's Seamaster GMT, or Mont Blanc I'd buy that baby tonight
You need to check the latest models in Japan for that. Grand Seiko GMT, Spring Drive GMT and their Spirit range have some really nice models.

Thought you guys might like to know that my Seiko Spirit GMT has only lost one second since I set it at the end of September. I'm wondering if it happened when I switched from EDT to EST. In any case, it's pretty amazing.
That is fantastic PhotoGuy. :thumbup: Does it stay on your wrist much of the time?
Looks great indeed !
One question though => on SeiyaJapan they are saying "Diameter: 38.5 mm (without the crown)" and according to your measurement the actual size is 40.5 mm .... are we looking at the same watch (SBQJ015) ?

I have found that the specs of casing diameter varies even though they are same. LOL. It's the way one measures that brings these about.
Thanks very much for the link to a video of my current 'grail' watch. It was interesting.
But what a bunch of sad sacks posting comments under the video. It's staggering the amount of ignorance out there. Oh and of course someone had to post a reply about how Omega is so much better than Rolex because of blah, blah if that had something to do with how a Rolex GMT works :mad:.
Oh well, thanks again for the link.
Yeah, the video review was great. The comments are another story The Omega's GMT isnt as well designed as Rolex's GMT calibre. BTW, John's working towards video reports some time soon. This will add a new dimension to WTF.
Very nice looking watch.
Since it is a 'perpetual calendar' how do you set 'months' so the watch can recognize leap years.
It comes factory pre-set and if it is out, you may need to send it to an AD for a reset. For the adventurous, Reto Castellazi have a resource link to how it is it can be done

To prevent any untoward grief :D, I will just sent it in to Seiko for a battery, gasket/stem seal when it is due.
Pictures courtesy of Hiro1963

SBQJ015 size comparison with PO

SBQJ015 on leather

SBQJ015 with DiModell Deployant
I wish Seiko brings back this watch....sometimes i feel like kicking myself for passing by this watch. Even though it's discontinued I still think about it every now and then.
Same here, Daron. I know that Seiya had a few left as of 3 months ago. Oh well.

I have doubts Seiko will release anything new in terms of 8F watches. The caliber has been around for nearly 10 years and I am afraid we are seeing the last of it.

Hence, my decision to jump on the SBCM023 8F35 Prospex diver.
Frank, what do you think of the other color dial variants of the black Seiko Spirit GMT?
with the added GMT feature.

Nice looking Watch indeed. It was nice to see this older thread and I've seen this watch in person, it's a total beauty...Congrats Daron & leather would be very fine on this piece.

Thanks, :biggrin:
Hold on to the congrats Jim, I havent got one yet.
Hi Daron,

It's nice to see my old watches again lol! I don't even have those pics anymore. So, thanks!

- Hiro
Thanks for the permission to post them, yeah it's been a while. Did you flip the SBQJ015 too?
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