Seiko Spirit GMT SBQJ015

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What is the going rate for the Seiko Spirit GMT SBQJ015 these days? Normally I'd check auction sites, but this model appears to be harder to come by. I've got one in excellent condition, short of a slight blemish just below the 31 minute mark (see photo). It's also got the box, case, manuals, band links, and certificate. Just got it back from SCA where they replaced the battery and back. The original back got scratched very badly during a botched battery replacement; don't try this at home (Seiko sent the original back with the repair as a reminder). :001_unsure:

Only considering selling it at this point depending on market value. I'm genuinely not trying to tease people on this since I know some are seeking this watch; just trying to get more info. Thanks!

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I have one of these, which I purchased via the forums about 4 years ago for $240. Pretty much the same condition as yours.
Interesting. Mine was purchased in Oct. 2008. $240 puts it firmly in "keep it" territory at this point.
Yes, I reckon they're a good keeper for accuracy and complication, but unlikely to increase much in value.
I'm looking for a SBQJ015 - and would be willing to pay more than $240 for one...
Hi PhotoGuy - I can't send you a PM, but if you would like to email me it's kai dot howells at gmail dot com
and I promise I'm not a spammer! I've not been active on this forum, but have history on other watch sites... :D
Did you ever sell this watch? I am local and can meet you in Denver with cash.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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