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I want to get my brother a new watch because about 12 years ago I got him this Seiko (below-don't know the model) as a graduation present and recently it crapped out on him or something because he's been wearing some ugly piece of junk and this SKA-429 is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for and the style that would look good on him. He's definitely into the blue dial and I like the kinetic feature but my real question is, I've searched the web for any information, comments, reviews or anything on the SKA-429 watch but there's nothing... all I can find out is that it's sold out in a lot of places and the places I do see it, it's 40% off so it's about $200. Is it a discontinued model? Is it a decent watch? Is it a piece of junk? The other thing is that some sites list it as 41mm and other 45mm so I was wondering if maybe there are similar models in both sizes?

So, if anyone has any info on the watch it'd be appreciated. Or if you have suggestions of a similar watch in style and $200 price range (I like him but not that much!)

Here's the first watch I got him

And here's the SKA-429 that I want to get

Thanks in advance :)
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