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"You see, she was gonna be an actress,
And I was going to learn to fly.
She took off for the footlights,
I took off for the sky."...Harry Chapin

Fishing on the 'bay last Sunday night resulted in my landing of not only a Seiko Credor, but this previously loved baby, a Flightmaster!!!....she was born around 2008....a Grail of mine(and others), she is a crown jewel in my chrono collection....she should be arriving late this some point soon, I'll do a comparison of it with my Omega Speedy(its' dial isn't as busy), which is also an icon of a previous generation.....probably also compare it to my VX200 because they are both of a similar style and size, but s/b vastly different in weight(Flightmaster case constructed of titanium while the Accutron is an anchor!!!).....another Grail of mine is a Carrera 1887 having a modified 6S37 movement s/b an interesting comparison as well...I feel the Flightmaster harkens back to the 70's and somehow.... Watch Brown Analog watch White Silver
Watch Analog watch Clock Font Watch accessory

Harry's song seems appropo....anyway, enjoy these pics(although not mine) of my new sweetheart...
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