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For quite some time I wanted to see how the FFF dial (modern?) would look with some Mercedes hands. I have always been attracted by the Explorer look and I thought that this would be a nice combination, different and unique. I also wanted to do something different from the usual FFF projects and make something without a numbered or spinning bezel, here is what this looks like: :001_smile:

I had some Mercedes hands from Yobokies from an earlier project. I then found one of the grey (almost black really) FFF dials from Jake. Then I bought a brand new affordable Seiko automatic. I got this one because it has a nice big crown rather then one with the puny tiny crown that is hard to grasp and turn. This is my first one and I have to say that it is really nice and the crown looks really good with the case. It is too small for my over 8" wrist unfortunately, at 38mm without crown and without crown guard. The watch comes with a folded bracelet but I did not like it, I was planning anyway to get some other strap, maybe a Nato or Zulu - the lugs are 20mm wide so there is plenty of choices. I don't have any strap that would fit at the moment and I don't know that I will get one since I won't be using it anyway. I will probably sell it to get some money in the watch fund... but that's the reason for the photos without any strap. Sorry, I would have liked to put on it a few different straps but I just don't have any in 20mm. :confused1:

The movement is the usual Seiko 7s26B, it is the automatic work horse wthout hacking and handwinding capabilities. As a note the dial fits perfectly as do the hands which is great and allow one to work on these projects easily and without fuss put together these project with the minimum amount of tools and expertise. I did not test the lume too much since I have not worn the watch at all but it's there, I took a couple of photos to show it.

Anyway I wish to share this project so here are some crappy pics, sorry for the dust and lint particles... I guess these are becoming my trademarks... :blushing:

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