seiko business-a

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does anyone know about these watches? i'm not really a wristwatch person, but i bought one at a flea market. i figured that 30 jewels for $7 has to be a bargain. anyone know where they put 30 jewels anyway? seems to keep perfect time.
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There should be a set of 8 numbers xxxx-yyyy at 6 o'clock on the dial, as well as on the caseback. There'll also be a serial number on the back. It'll be relatively easy to identify the age and series from there if you can supply them.
This is either a redial or a recase. The front and back should match.

As I suspected, the caseback dates back to August 1967. Seiko movements, esp. their automatics, had a high jewel count prior to 1970. The 8306 powered the Seikomatics and Business A series of watches and were first introduced in 1965. Beat rate is 18'000. A good, solid movement.
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