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My sources have been hard at work scouring the un-released watch catalogs at Basel and I think they have uncovered what may be a true news SCOOP regarding secret Hamilton 2008 watches:

And there is this one for the design team. . . it has a compass in case they have lost their way. . .

There is this one with a force field on the dial to deflect criticism. . .

And my marketing operatives snapped a pic of the new Hamilton target audience. . .

And you read it here first. . . !;)

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Dang, Rusty! That was seriously funny :lol:

But as mgiraz said: this is serious. This brand took a huge nose dive in 2008. I could be wrong but I think they will get lots of negative feedback. All the designers of the new models need to be fired ASAP. Are they sniffing the cleaning solvents at the factory?

Omega appears to have some very nice stuff at Basel so I doubt this is a Swatch thing.
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