Sea-Dweller back from service!

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I returned my SD on November 7th to be regulated as is had begun to run fast, up to 9 seconds per day! :eek:
I collected it yesterday (Wednesday December 12th) so i am a happy boy since the expected return date was January '08. :thumbup:
It's wonderful to have them all back together again so i decided to celebrate the joyous occasion with a couple of quick pics.
Oh by the way, the SD is currently 1-1.5 seconds fast, perfectly acceptable to me!

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Congrats Paulie!

I know what it's like to have a watch out for service, and the wonderful feeling of of having it come back! :thumbup:

Really nice photos! You need to take more! :cool:
I'm humbled by your kind words John, the quality of your photos is something we can all aspire to!
Fantastic photos!!!!! Welcome back to your watch!!

Wow Pauley,

That is sure an awesome photo :drool::drool:, normally I am a GMT man but I am starting to really like that SD...:wink:
Previously a Sub man only, the SD won my heart also.
The GMT is my newest, 16710 1991 pre-owned, so i'm learning all about them now!
Now that is my kind of family. =)

Best Regards,

Thomas Carey
Paul...How do you find wearing the AK after wearing its 40mm brothers?
Hi Adam,
I'm a skinny guy so the 36mm is actually the perfect size case for me.
The rest look a little big for me, but i love them so much i don't care. It's all subjective anyway, nobody has yet said to me 'that watch looks big on you!' it's just a case of what you feel comfortable with i think.
My only pause for thought at the moment is the Milgauss which i have in my sights for next year. With the 'super-case' and a polished bezel, it looks much bigger than it really is.
It is a great feeling to get a watch back from service. Congrats and great pics
Congratulations Pauleypaul, on both the reunion with the re-regulated and the photos.
I'd also like to ask your opinion if I may. You indicated that you recently purchased a pre-owned 16710.
I've recently purchased a 116710 and have fallen in love with the Sea-Dweller. As I already own a 1670 and can't justify three watches which are so similar, I've decided to part w/ the 16710 inorder to buy a 'Dweller.

could you give me an Idea of what you're opinion of a fair selling price is on the 16710?
I purchased it new from an AD in 2005. I'd estimate it as being in excellent condition with box and all papers.

Thanks and again, great [hotos.

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