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Vendor misidentification in ebay auction 251103018859. I am sure I have pointed this out to him before.

The watch is in fact a Hamilton Trent; one of Hamilton's more common models; catalogued between 1955 and 1969. Same case as the Romanesque S (hence the "confusion") but the Romaneque's dial is yellow gold and has a very fine linen-like finish. It's markers, numerals and hands are black.

The Romanesque S is worth hundreds of dollars; very difficult to find (and hence a grail of mine). The Trent isn't - in yellow gold filled it's a $90-$150 watch at ebay.

Voice of experience here; I fell for this same misidentification a few years ago before I knew what I know now. With a knowledgeable and experienced seller such as this please forgive me for thinking the error may not be accidental.

I've informed the vendor; let's see what he does. Will maybe include my message at the bottom, but bet he doesn't edit the title or pull the auction.
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