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Although I have never spoken to anyone at Rolex about it, my guess as to why they are not including a date on this model is because it is easier to provide protection from magnetic fields without this complication, but this is just a guess.

I too generally prefer a date, although for me this depends a little. Some dress watches, etc., look better without one, I think.

The Milgauss is nice looking to my eyes, in fact, it reminds me of the (either 1952 or 1956) of the Eterna Kontiki, which shared some design features with the current Milgauss. Regardless, I like it. Although I have yet to add it to my list this year for purchase, mainly this is because I am going to focus on other models first, but I might add it for 2009 or something. I think that for those who for example work around computers a great deal, it might be a very useful feature to have protection from magnetic fields. My favorite is the one with the black dial and green tint. :001_smile:
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