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Well, in search of when the Rolex crown was introduced I found a nice piece of Rolex history on the internet..

Please correct the text if there are mistakes in it..:thumbup:

*1881 Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex is born in Bavaria, Germany.

*1905 Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis form Wilsdorf & Davis in Hatton Garden, England. Importing
Swiss Movements, sources dials and manufactures watches and watchcases.

*1908 The Rolex Watch Co. is registered as a company.

*1910 A Rolex becomes the 1st wristwatch to obtain First Class Chronometer Certificate from the
Horology Society, Switzerland.

*1912 The Rolex Watch Co. begins manufacturing watches in Bienne, Switzerland.

*1915 The company names is officially changed from Wilsdorf & Davis to
The Rolex Watch Co.

*1919 Wilsdorf returns to live in Switzerland.

*1920 Founds Montres Geneva, Alfred Davis is no longer part of the company.

*1925 The Rolex crown logo is registered as a trademark.

*1926 Rolex patents the screw down crown known as the Oyster.

*1927 Mercedes Gleitze becomes the first British women to swim the English Channel on October 21,
whilst wearing a Rolex. One month later the new Oyster is launched on front page newspaper
advertisements in the London Daily Mail.

*1931 Rolex patents an automatic rotary winding mechanism, the Oyster Perpetual.

*1935 Whilst wearing a Rolex Sir Malcolm Campbell sets a new land speed record in his Bluebird.

*1945 The Oyster Perpetual Datejust is launched, the 1st automatic, waterproof Chronometer with the
date visible through a window in the dial.

*1952 The 1st explorer prototype, model 6098 is launched. In May 1953 Sir John Hunts Mount
Everest team are issued with prototype Explorers.

*1953 A large test watch known as the Deep Sea Special is attached to the exterior of Prof. Auguste
Piccard's bathyscaphe, FNRS-2 which reaches a depth of 3131.80 meters. The Watch remains

*1953 The Turn-O-graph model 6202 is introduced.

*1953 The Rolex Submariner is launched at The 1954 Basel spring watch fair, in Geneva.

*1954 The Milgauss & GMT-Master are introduced.

*1959 The Submariner 5512 with protective crown guards is introduced.

*1960 Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf Dies.

*1960 The 1st Cosmograph is launched model 6239.

*1966 The Seadweller 1665 is introduced, with a helium Gas escape valve making it the first
commercially available watch for use by saturation divers.

*1966 The Submariner 1680 featuring a Date is launched.

*1971 The Explorer II is launched.

*1986 By 1986 half of all Swiss certified chronometers produced have been manufactured by Rolex.

*1990 Rolex produces its 10,000,000 chronometer certified watch.

*2003 Rolex celebrates the Submariners 50th anniversary by launching the 16610LV model with a
green bezel at the 2003 Basel watch fair.

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I want mine to be a rare piece. :)
It already is. Yes, a determined buyer will find that can be had ocassionally at retail with enough looking or a choice encounter. But think of the universe of people that WANT a Sub. Then think of just how few of those people actually buy or get to own a Sub. Then think of just how few of that already small number of people are willing to spend extra and hunt around for the coveted Green bezel variant. I'm not sure how many Rolex sells in a year, but I'd bet that the number is less than 5000. If I'm right that means there are less than 20k or so in the entire world. There are many 100s of thousands of other Subs. In many of the Asian cultures green is THE color of prosperity. In the US it is the color of money. Furthermore it is Rolex's color.

The LV will be popular with people looking for something iconic and time tested, but also a little unusual. I don't fear you'll be able to collect a premium should you need to part ways with your LV.

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The history of Rolex is absolutely what has locked me in with them and them only. The only thing is I can not seem to find a model that is "low-key" or stealthy enough for me. Thought of this forum, but maybe the wrong "chat" for this subject but what Rolex do you find to be stealth wealth? I was thinking maybe an explorer 214270 but we will see. Many articles are crossed and no one has a definitive opinion that has stuck with me. Let me know what your thoughts are of these 5 stealth Rolex's because I can not seem to make up my mind.
Also if they are not listed, which Rolex would you consider to be the most "low-key"?
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