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There is a lot of options when it comes to the GMT-Master line, but I think I can say I want to focus on the 116710 GMT-Master. I have loved this model but do not own one currently. Always been a fan of the subtle green accents on the GMT hand and, of course, the GMT-Master lettering. That for me is subtle style, and I love it. The movement and overall quality of this model is absolutely perfect for me as well. I was reading a buying guide to help me finally purchase this beauty) and I did not realize that this model was such a big step forward. The weight and quality of these Rolex watches are a big reason as to why I want to purchase and collect these pieces so when I read that they had improved the bracelet to be solid and not hollow I was genuinly happy and felt like they care about this model, or care enough to make improvements throuhgout time. I want to be part of the ever changing Rolex history, and I think the 116710 will be in my collection asap. Do you have a 116710 and how is your experience with this watch? I will most likely be wearing this consistently and am excited for when I get my hands on one, ill update this thread when I do!
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