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This vintage watch is pretty crazy, and I am really falling in love with it. Of course the chances I get my hands on this beast are slim and none, but I think its my eye candy for the weekend. I am not sure if it is just the aesthetic of the vintage watch, but this truly seems like a pure racing watch, of course maybe not now, but it had to be a staple back in the day. I wish I was more into luxury watches when I was younger because this would have been on my top three list! Excuse my disregard of the actual reason it was made such a popular watch, but I had read from Rolex Daytona 6263: Ultimate Review & Buying Guide | Bob's Watches that these contains the Paul Newman dials which is just a legendary thing for me. The man is a household name and has inspiration across many different industries, so it was icing on top of the cake for me. I am curious at what the community will say about this watch and want to hear it all. Let me know your thoughts and if you would ever purchase this, or if it is just eye candy at this point?

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For those who haven't memorized every Rolex Cosmograph ever made, The "Panda" Daytona, Model 6263 looks like this one.....


....and should NOT be confused with the Paul Newman Cosmograph, which is a Ref. 6239 model with a light cream-colored dial instead of silver! And in my opinion if you only have a split-second to glance at your watch, the muted cream color of the 6329 dial is a little easier on the eyes.
And while the Rolex is certainly a fine watch, albeit grossly overpriced, there are a few wristwatches that are IMHO more conducive to wear while driving a car at upwards of two hundred miles per hour:
1) Heuer Monaco
2) Heuer Silverstone
3) TAG F1 (favored by Grand Prix driver Ayrton Senna
4) TAGHeuer Carrera
5) Yema Rallye (worn by Mario Andretti in the 1969 Indianapolis 500
And I'd sneak in a Breitling Cronomat for those sports activities that did not require me to keep my eyes being glued to the road, and the driver immediately ahead of me.

The Monaco and Silverstone both have square cases, which I think are easier to read, especially if you're slamming down the racetrack at close to 180 miles per hour! The Rolex tachymetre scale bezel is simply superfluous. It's just too danged complicated to try and read (let alone use) when driving at super-high speeds!


Actually, I'd rather have a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph (at HALF the price of a Rolex), or the Audemars-Piguet Royal Oak chrono (favored by Arnold Schwarzenegger, if we're dropping movie star names...:) )
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