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REVIEW: Voyager - One Watchwinder

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Published on 06-03-2010 10:31 AM

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Here it is! The two week report of the door prize I won at the New York City GTG on May 15th.

Been using it primarily for my 18K Ball watch.

JBHii's Travel Report here:

The WIS in attendance hovered around the door prize table like hungry wolves. Some particular articles caught my eye immediately. The Patek Philippe in America Reference book by John Reardon
. The author was showing his books to several of the Patek collectors at the gathering and he even signed it to the eventual winner(s). kyle L.
I didn't notice the Patek/E.Zegna tie until later on, but "Oh my!"
that was another top draw! Congrats on winning that Milos!

Many thanks to the sponsors at the GTG and for this truly fabulous door prize I had the honour of winning! Kevin was in attendance and is an amazing WIS (as well as FIA rally car follower) [email protected]

Series: Voyager Watchwinder

Model: Voyager - One

Part #: W36000

Finish: Black leather


(HxWxD in.) 4.0 x 6.0 x 4.0

Weight: 2.0 lbs.

US$ list: $395.00

Description: Traveling? Take this winder with you. Using the same unique mounting system employed on the Orbita Futura series winders, this model sets up easily wherever you are. Powered by four "AAA" batteries or AC/DC adapter, the concealed gearmotor is pleasantly quiet running. Both the base and the stainless steel mounting cylinder fit securely in the easy-to-carry, suede-lined leather carrying case.

I think a good portion of my friends know that the colour Green (as in GV Milgauss, Ball Watches, Rolex green) is my favourite. The Green outer box that sits in my closet full of saved watch boxes, phone boxes, camera boxes and shoe boxes!

The black leather travel case and the AC/DC power adapter.

Leather case is lined with soft suede. The base motor and area to slot the Triple A batteries. The Stainless steel Cylinder with the soft durable foam insert (think stress balls) and the AC/DC adaptor laid out.

Not included was the Ball Trainmaster Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers watch (in the spongy foam insert)

The Unit pieced together and ready to be turned on.

The switches are HI/LO & ON/OFF. When the unit is operating the red light goes on. Unit noise is about the same as my EILUX cylindrical winder ( but that is -1 because it is powered by C batteries only), and vastly quieter than my China made double winder (from Costco). Even Kevin remembered at the GTG, I had posted about that closet monster.


The beautiful carrying case ready to close up. You can even snug the watch into the middle of the Cylinder - if you want to avoid removing it at the Airport Security stations.


All ready to pack into the carry-on! Only thing you have to remove is your laptop and shoes now!


Thanks to WatchFan1 for hosting the amazing GTG's. Next one is: SAT - Nov 13th in Tampa

Kevin and Orbita Advanced Watchwinder Technology

All the sponsors of the door prizes in New York

And kyle L for drawing my door prize # !

If you are looking for a single watchwinder with portability, sleekness, dual Power options for travel,home or office. This Model is right for you!

Email: [email protected]

Website: Orbita-World

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