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REVIEW: Vintager Straps By Micah>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Published on 06-20-2011 03:06 PM

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Review of Vintager Straps By Micah

By: John B. Holbrook, II


A couple of months ago, I purchased my first Lum-Tec - the M27:

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Material property

I was never really crazy about the black leather strap which came with my M27 due to the fact that the stitching isn't bright white - it's more of a grey color. But one of the fun aspects of owning these types of watches seems to be the ability to customize them with an assortment of straps, and even better, having a strap made to order to your own particular tastes. So I decided to do some strap shopping for a basic black leather strap with white stitching.

I communicated my need to WATCH TALK FORUMS sponsor Micah Dirkson of Vintager Straps, and sought out his help. You see, as my collection of watches is primarily comprised of Rolex watches on metal bracelets, I'm fairly "strap dumb" when it comes to buying one. Fortunately, Micah worked very closely with me and helped me work through the myriad of choices there are to be made when one decides to get a custom strap.

Given that this was truly a made-to-order strap, Micah had me measure my wrist (I used a tape measure) and provide him the measurements. Normally, the next step in this process is to decide on the material the strap is to be constructed from, and select the buckle. As mentioned above, I wanted a simple (if boring) black leather strap with white stitching, but Micah has a variety of different leathers and other materials he can use to construct a strap. Had I not already been predisposed to white stitching, I could have selected from 10 different stitching color choices from Micah's site. Micah also offers about 4 different buckle style choices, each available in different finishes (brushed, polished, PVD, etc.) - I selected a polished "Pre-V" buckle. The final price for my flat black strap with sewn in buckle was $165.00. Here's a photo of my Lum-Tec M27 with my new custom strap:

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Everyday carry

Doesn't that look great? Micah did an exceptional job on the strap and the fit is absolutely perfect. If you've ever bought a *ahem* value priced strap, you likely experienced that the strap was stiff and uncomfortable until it was broken in properly. However, my Vintager Strap was supple and comfortable right out of the shipping envelope. here's a photo of the strap showing my polished Pre-V buckle:

Rectangle Wood Font Jewellery Automotive exterior

Micah signs each of his straps - a sign of his quality materials and craftsmanship:

Brown Grey Rectangle Denim Wood

The Vintager logo is also stamped on the opposite side strap:

Watch Rectangle Tool Material property Everyday carry

If the customer service and finished product weren't impressive enough, Micah's commitment to stand behind his product is unprecedented. Just check out the letter which accompanied the strap I ordered from him.

Font Handwriting Paper Letter Paper product

You'll certainly pay more for a custom made strap, but getting a strap made to your specifications from someone as talented as Micah is well worth the price. It's certainly going to increase my enjoyment of my Lum-Tec M27, and I'm sure I'll wear it more as a result. Thanks Micah!

**Photos & Text Copyright 2011 WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. No part of this report can be reproduced outside of WATCH TALK FORUMS without the expressed permission of John B. Holbrook, II.

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REVIEW: Vintager Straps By Micah>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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