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Now that I have had this timepiece for above 7 months, I think I can truthfully write a balanced review of it as the honeymoon period is over. As you read this, you may not think so, but keep in mind that I have had it for enough time that I can speak what needs to be spoken.

What can be said of a watch that loves to be looked at?

Even though the popularity of the Yacht-Master is not as great as some of the Rolex models, it is nevertheless a timepiece with its own aesthetic character and demand that requires even the most seasoned Rolex WIS to formulate an opinion. Especially so when it comes to the SS/18K versions of this timepiece. Now add a Black Mother of Pearl and you either have anathema or adoration!

My wife purchased this astonishing watch for me while we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Switzerland during the month of September of 2008. The setting for the event was Bucherer’s in Lucerne, just around the corner from the fabled Chapel Bridge. Lucerne is a enduring city and exudes the perfect atmosphere for purchasing a enduring timepiece! A magical combination of everything perfectly Swiss!

Now on to the Rolex Yacht-Master SS/18K BMOP!

MOVEMENT: 10/10 What guts! Here we have a superb work of beauty that has the intestines of a field ox. The venerable Calibre 3135 movement, which has to be one or Rolexes finest moments in movements. No complications here. No intricate hand engravings. No gold wash. Just a splendid engine that will keep time as well as any other on the market. Mine keeps within 1 second on the + side in any 24 hour period. Many times I have prepared to set it with the atomic clock only to let it be.

CASE: 10/10 Is a graceful, highly polished 914L SS work of art exceedingly worthy of caressing that Calibre 3135. The case has been given more poised lines than many of the other Rolex sport watches. Some have said that it appears almost identical to the Daytona’s case, but I can see subtle differences. I really like the fact that Rolex polished this case in its entirety. No brushing at all except on the case back. Everything visible is mirror finished and when mated to the brushed outer links of the bracelet, it makes for a very pleasing contrast.

CROWN: 09/10 The case was given the triple lock crown. The same as the Submariner, however the depth rating of this timepiece is only 100 meters / 300 feet. It is not a diver’s timepiece, but has more than enough disposition to handle those times when you flip your 3 million dollar yacht over in high seas! You can be assured that when you climb back aboard and settle yourself on deck that your timepiece will have suffered no water damage to its innards!

BEZEL: 10/10 This is what sets this Yacht-Master apart from all other Rolex sport models, at least to my eye. That gorgeous frosted gold bezel with the highly polished indices…. just splendid in every way! Something about frosted gold has always drawn my affections.

Some of the ancient gold coins and doubloons that I have collected over the years have this affect. It comes from being in contact with sea sand over years and is certainly lovely to behold. Put it on a fine timepiece and make it functional as a timer, and you have purposeful beauty. The bezel is omni directional which means that it will turn both ways. Making it quick to set the bezel, but not good for diving as it could possible be knocked off its setting when timing a dive.

BRACELET:10/10 The bracelet is the perfect mix of brushed SS and polished 18K gold. The polished gold center links are the perfect compliment to the bezel and ties the watch all together! And again the brushed outer links contrast well with the polished case. As far as the clasp goes, I have read many unfavorable comments about it, but the clasp is designed to almost disappear in the bracelet. When you turn your wrist over you can see that it blends in to the bracelet in a unique way and fits flat against the wrist making it both aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable!

DIAL: 10+/10 Black Mother of Pearl!

More of a rich deep, dark, milk chocolate! Fitted with cream indices each surrounded with 18K gold bezels and underneath rides the 18K YG date wheel peeking at you through the cyclops. Floating on the top is the lettering "Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date" "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" "Yacht-Master" (in Red of course).

Now here is what will set this timepiece apart and make it the grail of some watch aficionados. The effect!

Someone said it is like looking into “Deep Space”. If you have seen some of the Hubble telescope photographs you will know what they mean. In different light and angles the watch becomes a different watch. From deep violet and lilac to subtle flashes of bottomless greens, royal blues, and rich reds! And then when looked at again from a different angle, it all blends into one field of unstirred melted chocolate. Mix that with the frosted gold bezel and you have the luscious blending that makes this timepiece what it is.

As I said before, I have had this wrist watch long enough that I can speak of it on realistic terms. I will candidly say that this Rolex chronometer is one of those things that when you purchase it, go outside of Bucherer’s, and sit on their marble benches to admire it for the fist time on your wrist, you are thrilled with your decision! And as times goes, it only gets better. It makes you glad that you spent that kind of money on something as absurd as a timepiece.

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