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REVIEW: The Orbita Skeleton Watch>>>>>>>>>

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Published on 07-07-2010 01:26 PM

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Review of the Orbita Skeleton Watch
By: John B. Holbrook, II

It was great seeing my good buddy Kevin Williams of Orbita Corporation at the 2010 NYC GTG this past May - of course I wish I would have had more time to hang out with him. But when connected at the GTG, Kevin showed me a watch that he brought along to give out as a door prize at the GTG - an attractive skeletonized watch on a strap. Since Orbita is first and foremost a manufacturer of some of the best watch winders money can buy, I asked him "when did Orbita get into the business of selling watches?" Kevin said "we're not!" and then proceeded to share with me the amusing story about the watch. You see, every year Kevin does several trade shows, as well as the "Orbita Road Shows" where they load up a truck full of their latest and greatest watch winders, and travel across the country to various Orbita authorized dealers - it's a great way for Orbita to connect with the customers and give their fans some hands-on time with Orbita's products. But it's hard to demonstrate a watch winder without an self-winding watch to put in the winder. So Orbita found a company in China which made very inexpensive but attractive self-winding watches which they could "brand" with the Orbita name, and put a few on their watch winders during the trade show and Road Show events. Problem solved! But a funny thing began happening at the events - more and more customers started asking about the "Orbita watches" and wanted to purchase them! So Orbita ordered up another batch of these Chinese made watches is making a limited number available to their customers in their Outlet Store.

The stainless steel watch is 40mm in diameter, and available in two different versions - polished stainless and gold plated. I was curious about their quality, so Kevin sent me a couple of examples to review and test.

Here's the gold plated model:

Watch Analog watch Natural material Watch accessory Clock

Watch Analog watch Light Rectangle Watch accessory

The leather strap alone is worth the asking price of the watch - extremely comfortable

Wood Rectangle Font Clock Strap

It has a case matching tang and buckle for fastening the strap:

Rectangle Jewellery Electric blue Gun accessory Strap

Here's the stainless steel version - with the exception of the gold plating, the two versions are identical in every other respect.

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Rectangle

I know next to nothing about the specifications of the movement inside this watch, so for giggles I threw it up the gold plated version on my Orbita Watch Tester. The device revealed the movement had a beat speed of 21,600 beats per hour (BPH). The accuracy results were highly unexpected and....startling. I had expected this Chinese made movement to run at a rate which was both inaccurate and erratic. The watch tester revealed however that the watch was nearly dead-on accurate, with extremely high rate stability.

Watch Medical equipment Gadget Audio equipment Font

After I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, I concluded that this watch was a happy fluke, and put the stainless steel version on the winder. The second example ran faster - about +6 seconds per day, but it too also had an extremely stable rate. I was in shock.

Given that Orbita is only charging $95.00 plus shipping, I can't think of a good reason why not to pick up one of these watches. If for no other reason than to see an example of what the Swiss and Japanese are up against in the quality department of China. I for one was completely, and pleasantly surprised. You can order the Orbita Skeleton Watch from the Orbita Outlet Store by clicking here.

**Photos & Text Copyright 2010 WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. No part of this report can be reproduced outside of WATCH TALK FORUMS without the expressed permission of John B. Holbrook, II.

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REVIEW: The Orbita Skeleton Watch>>>>>>>>>
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