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REVIEW: The Alcantara Strap From The StrapSmith>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Published on 07-29-2011 10:46 AM

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Review of The Alcantara Strap From The StrapSmith

By: John B. Holbrook, II


Having recently purchased a nice, custom black strap with white stitching for my Lum-Tec M27, I was ready to pick up a strap that was....different. Something you don't see every day. I had a conversation with WATCH TALK FORUMS Sponsor Rob Montana, aka The StrapSmith, about what I was looking for, and he recommended I give one of his new Alcantara straps a try.

If you've never heard of "Alcantara" before, you're not alone - I was equally clueless before Rob introduced me to this composite, suede-like covering material which appears to be most often used in the luxury car industry for car seats and interiors. Rob appears to be the first strap maker to use Alcantara on watch straps. Quite the innovator that Rob.

I spotted an red Alcantara with red stitching in his Alcantara strap album, and instantly knew it was the one I wanted. I'm usually pretty conservative, but this time out I wanted something that was brighter and more contemporary - the Alcantara in red with red stitching really seemed to fit what I had in mind. I sent Rob off my wrist size and the lug size for the M27, and he began working on my custom red Alcantara strap.

When the strap arrived a couple of weeks after ordering, it came in a nice gift box:

Brown Rectangle Wood Eyewear Magenta

I couldn't wait to see what the strap looked like:

Rectangle Wood Bumper Line Bag

Like most custom strap makers, Rob signs his work:

Rectangle Font Magenta Electric blue Carmine

The strap came with a polished "pre-V" buckle sewn in. The quality of workmanship was beyond reproach - a perfect, custom fit with just the right amount of "tail" in the strap:

Rectangle Sleeve Belt Font Strap

I thought the strap was absolutely gorgeous (I'm such a sucker for all things red) and the Alcantara material did not disappoint in terms of comfort. It has a very luxurious feel and is very different from leather. But how would it look on my Lum-Tec M27? You tell me:

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

Personally I think both the texture and the color of the Alcantara strap are fantastic - here's a couple of shots of the watch on my wrist:

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Finger

Watch Arm Gesture Wrist Watch accessory

If you have not yet had the opportunity to order a custom strap from The StrapSmith, I highly recommend doing so. The ordering experience was smooth, and the quality of the product is exceptional. The price of the Alcantara strap I ordered is $199 with a non custom buckle with a standard stitch. Even if the Alcantara isn't for you, Rob carries a wide variety of both leather and exotic strap materials, and is skilled enough to be able to construct exactly what want. Thanks Rob!

**Photos & Text Copyright 2011 WATCH TALK FORUMS INC. No part of this report can be reproduced outside of WATCH TALK FORUMS without the expressed permission of John B. Holbrook, II.

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REVIEW: The Alcantara Strap From The StrapSmith>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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