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If I had to use one word to describe Red Sea's Six Pounder, I'd use "elegant". Elegance to me means simple, yet refined. Hard to believe I am using 'refined' for a company that just produced its first two watches concurrently! In fact, I may just save this watch for dressier and special occassions even though it was purposed as a tool or dive watch.

My favorite design feature is the depth of this watch. To me the face has 5 or 6 distinct layers. The SS Bezel edge, the bezel insert w/ markings, the crystal, the hands, the markers (which seem to float above) and the dial face, all exist on separate planes. I like it very much. I've never had a watch where the bezel insert sat below the bezel. I think this is a good thing, and should help to protect it from the inevitable scratches.

Secondly, I like the weight and feel of this watch on my wrist. It is substantial, but not heavy. Almost perfectly balanced. I think the height is spot on for me...not too tall, not too slim. I would not mind if every future watch case I purchased were this height. This is also the first watch I have with an offset crown, and so far I like it very much. It is certainly easier to adjust while on the wrist.

The caseback, crown and clasp etching with the logos is very cool. I need to take a minute to mention that Josh and Troy were nice enough to give me a serial number requested that has sentimental value. Thanks again!

Next, the bracelet is one of the nicest I have, and in my mind trumps my more expensive Oris TT1 in terms of feel. The only place it comes up short is on the clasp. While I like the squeeze mechanism, the safety clasp on mine seems super loose. It actually rattles and clicks. I need to figure out some way to tighten this. I do wish the links had screw pins, but at this price point, who can complain? I've never seen a better one for sub $700.

I have not tried any of the other (extra 3!) bands, and I'm sure they look swell, but right now I like the all-stainless look. Speaking of the included extras, the travel case watch box Red Sea provided is the best and most usable of any I own. Every other manufacturer watch box I own sits in a storage drawer. This one will get used. Very thoughtful.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the lume. Have I mentioned my new favorite color? It is Lum-Tec blue. BTW, how cool is it that Chris from L-T helped these guys out, knowing it could cannabalize some of LT's sales? These two watch companies are absolutely a cut above and operate with principles that most companies could only dream about. Then again, I'm preaching to the choir when I say this to WTF members, you probably already know this. Anyway, I will say that my lume is readable throughout the entire night, but that first high intensity glow is straight-up electric magic.

If you are on the fence about purchasing one of these, you'd better jump soon. 75 x 4 is not very many, and we all know how scarce and collectible Chris' first runs are. I'm glad I pre-ordered, and I have ZERO buyer's remorse. My only regret is that my watch funds are tapped, because I'd love to make the Holystone my first PVD watch, but alas, there are no easy payment terms!

I don't think there is a better automatic watch bargain at this quality level anywhere. Probably not even at twice the cost. It is also good to see good people do well, and I congratulate Josh and Troy on "having faith...running the race with patience and endurance."

My only question is: What's next for the boys at Red Sea?

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Thanks for taking time to review the 6P and post this on WTF! Your pictures are simply amazing! We are very glad you are loving this watch.

Currently Josh and I have a lot of ideas for the next launch... it's more of an issue of narrowing it down :thumbup1:

Thanks again!


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Homebrw - you said it ! And with pics !
I received my PVD Six Pounder from Josh - in person ! It was great to meet him. What an excellent way to receive my watch. He is your regular WTF sponsor ... You know the guy, a few blocks away - not very different from his neighbors - except he CO-OWNS HIS OWN WATCH COMPANY ! I would say that he's regular except he ( and Troy ) put together their own watch - and the watch is spectacular.
We met at a local restaurant and we were so involved with watch talk that we ate nothing - for an hour.
The PVD SP is that amazing. Everything that you want, nothing you don't. Pure and simple. It was on the nato strap ( it's hot here ) and it was - superb. A tool watch. When you talk about delivering the goods - they've nailed it !
The first thing I noticed was -- the TIME. When I glance at the watch, driving down the road,
it jumps out. The hands are so distinct, in that split second, your eyes can't miss them. I own some dive watches and have seen, in person, alot more, and this feature has never been this dramatic. Sure you see the hands of a watch and you either like them or you don't, but this is unlike others I've seen. In any light - it's just amazing, the time jumps out. This is apart from the stellar individual aspects of the watch.
When I look at it closely, of course, I notice alot more. In the sunlight, the dial, with it's circular pattern is just spectacular. The dial is easy to read at any angle. At night, the lume is like you said Homebrw - electric blue ! Hey, it's Lum-Tec ! All night long... When I look at it at night the dial is huge and the time is there - BOOM ! Don't take this on night ops without a cover ...
It is the perfect weight on my wrist and has been there for the last 48 hours. Super comfortable. Strap changes are a breeze with the natos.
The bezel has the perfect tension. Turns when you need it to, doesn't when you don't. Period. Excellent. I've turned bezels on $5000 + watches and have been disappointed. This one excels.
And for the the super meticulous - yes, the hands line up exactly with each minute marker.
The date is subdued yet fits in with the whole scheme of the dial - easy to read. White on black - I'm glad they waited for this.
There is so much to say about the watch, but I'll add one more . The watch case is outstanding and the extra straps are a real nice touch.
It will probably be on my wrist for the whole week - and gather most of my wrist time here on out. Why ? The watch is stunning and well built. I take it off for a few minutes and my wrist beckons it back.

An exceptional piece fellas, no doubt about it.

As a dive watch guy, I love it.

Total keeper !

Really good job J & T !

Thank you so much.

Hopefully we'll see blue or silver dial models soon ??



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Thanks for this review, it was part of what convinced me to order my own stainless 6 Pounder. I really like and appreciate the customer service and timely responses I have received. I have just got back into horology and am enjoying the newer watch companies; Red Sea and Lum-tec compared to the Omegas and Tag Heuers I had previously. It is great that people with vision and passion get to fulfill their dreams in this way and we as customers get to be the beneficiaries. Best of luck in building the company!:biggrin:
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