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Published on 09-28-2011 10:16 AM

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Below is a review of a wonderful and very rare 5160 that was done by one of our

members. Due to the rarity of the piece he wishes to remain anonymous, yet he

would like to share some piuctures as well as some first-hand experience with us,

which we certainly appreciate !

================================================== =

"I had always liked the 5050, the 5050 came with a number of different dial

faces, my favorite has always been any of the ones with roman numerals.

The 5059 was the replacement for the 5050, the one dial the 5059 was roman

numerals, my favorite. But it was a little small for me so I passed on the


Then pictures of the 5059 replacement appeared, the 5159,it was roman

numerals again, a little larger than the 5059, but the center of the dial

looked excessive in the pictures.

That was the pictures , in person the dial worked, it looked beautiful.

I ordered one and waited, the first one my AD received I picked up.

A few years later the 5160 pictures showed up, it looked good, but maybe a

little too much, I asked my AD to get one.

I think it took about a year and I got the call, a Yellow gold might be

coming, did I want a yellow gold, my answer was no. I had asked for a white

gold, I prefer white gold, rose, platinum and stainless over the yellow.

6 months later another call a white gold was coming, did I still want it,

clearly my answer was yes.

I had only seen the 5160 in pictures and as with every Patek, it looks

better in person.

The first thing I noticed was the dial was not white like the 5159, it is a

beautiful shade of silver, somewhere darker than a 5070 and lighter than a


I tried taking pictures to show the true color, but none of them really do.

The next pleasant surprise was the clasp, beautiful and different from any

Patek I have seen. I had never seen any pictures of the clasp.

The rest of the engraving is marvelous, while I am sure some will not

approve, seeing it in person might change your mind.

Since I had the 5159 already, I knew it would fit me and for me it is a

comfortable watch to wear.

It came with the usual size Patek box, this one is a winding box, a nice

touch. The AC power supply came with electrical adaptors to fit any and all

wall plugs I have ever seen."

Clock Gauge Measuring instrument Watch accessory Material property

Material property Gas Art Metal Artifact

- 5159 clasp and case for comparison.

Following are the pictures of 5160:

Font Guitar accessory Automotive tire Auto part Automotive wheel system

Wood Motor vehicle Material property Font Varnish

Watch Analog watch Plant Rectangle Watch accessory

Watch Automotive tire Font Motor vehicle Rim

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Silver

Furniture Chair Body jewelry Natural material Handle

Watch Clock Watch accessory Material property Font

Audio equipment Font Material property Gadget Circle

Body jewelry Watch Font Silver Clock

Silver Font Material property Jewellery Nickel

Hand Font Material property Jewellery Nickel

Musical instrument Wood Artifact Art Font

Watch Analog watch Silver Light Clock

Watch Analog watch White Light Black

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REVIEW: > > > > > "Patek Philippe 5160 - a first look" < < < <
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