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This was posted by Rick in the Omega Forum in August.

Enjoy pals :)



18 ct Gold DeVille Prestige Jumping Hour.

Most reviews I have read about watches have been centred around functions and accuracy. I’m sure you will appreciate that these aspects are irrelevant here. This also reflected my thoughts when I knew instantaneously upon seeing this example that I was going to buy it. Talk about unique. After all, there is only one hand for a start. No complications (additional functions other than telling the time including date, GMT display, chronograph, etc). Just that one hand, a display aperture and those gorgeous aesthetics.

Many people have often pointed out to me that the date is set wrong when I’m wearing this watch (including a salesperson in an Omega Dealership who should cast his head in shame). However, the window at the top of the silvered dial, shown above, displays a number from 1 to 12 that “jumps” incrementally when the minute hand passes the 60 minute point marking the turn of the hour. Hence the nomenclature “Jumping Hour”. Therefore, the time displayed in the first picture is 14 ½ minutes past 12. A great feature about the minute hand is that it has a small aperture so that the hour can still be read when the hand is over the hour window as 57 minutes past the hour passes through to 3 minutes past the next hour.
Another thing I should mention is that this was a novelty purchase situation for me. I usually plan and research my horological purchases meticulously before even entering a shop. In fact leading up to this purchase I had researched four other timepieces I was interested in buying.
A little foreward before we get to the review proper:
My local Omega Authorised Dealer used to have a great deal whereby they would give you back the exact amount you had paid for your watch if you spent at least twice that much again on anything else in store. I decided just under three years ago that I was going to propose to my girlfriend. Soon to become fiancée. Now my wife. I wanted something extremely special for an engagement ring but didn’t have the funds at hand for something that she deserved. I decided to trade in my Rolex Explorer II using the above scheme. After deciding on the ring I wanted to present her I had a certain amount left to spend to qualify for the above deal. The manager of the shop, who I have garnered a good relationship with, said he had something special I should see. Upon opening the special wooden box I knew immediately that I was having it’s contents.
Presented to me was this wonderful Omega 18ct Gold DeVille Jumping Hour.

I knew nothing about it at the time but trusted my friend when he said that it was genuine and he had originally sold it to the only previous owner six years earlier. 1998 was the only year that this particular model was produced. The various models produced in the DeVille Prestige line up included the very same in stainless steel, either on an alligator strap or stainless steel bracelet, or the same model as mine but with a solid 18ct gold bracelet. Each are incredibly rare and I am yet to see another example in any of the above varieties either in the flesh or on line. The example above, which is a reference 4653.31, was originally £2200 new in 1998. The same with the gold bracelet was close to £6000.
The aesthetics reflect designs that were prominent in the 1920s and 1930s when bold art deco designs were commonplace. The tonneau shape of the case and dial details further exacerbate this. The applied gold numbers and the minute hand are more familiar to those that are aware of the designs of the horological genius Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823). I think they fit the overall design perfectly.
Some may say I took a bit of a gamble with the watch (there was no paperwork) but I knew, from my trust in my friend the Authorised Dealer, my experience through watch forums and magazines and trawling through online shop web sites on a regular basis that I had something fairly unique and very special. The watch was also serviced just prior to me purchasing it and the genuine Omega strap was brand new.
Despite it’s diminutive size of only 36mm x 30mm this watch gets noticed and commented on more than any of the other pieces in my high end horological collection. Maybe it’s because it is gold it stands out. I’d like to think it’s the fact that it’s unique in design and has meticulous detailing.

The watch is powered by a Calibre 1221 self winding movement. I was pleasantly surprised and bemused to find that this is a chronometer rated movement. A COSC rated movement in a timepiece with no seconds hand? Omega don’t care about logic. They just want to give the customer what they will appreciate. After all, Breguet said “the easiest way to make a timepiece more accurate is to remove the seconds hand.” So why try and make it as accurate as possible and subject it to the COSC testing? I really like the fact that this is a COSC certified watch even though I will never ever be able to gauge it’s true accuracy. It adds to the charm and character.
The case and caseback are solid 18ct gold. The glass is of Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating on front and back.
The strap is genuine alligator and the quality can be ascertained by the large squares of the scaled pattern. This is no cut off from the rump. This is brought together and held securely by a solid 18ct gold buckle.

The DeVille Jumping Hour sits perfectly on the wrist and I think the smaller than normal dimensions suit the design of the watch perfectly. Harking back to a time when this size was commonplace for a gents wrist watch.

The box is also befitting of this prestigious watch. Solid dark wood with cream velvet interior detailing.

So, to summarise: Do I know how accurate it is? No. How would I? Can I comment on the water resistancy, the complications, the shock resistance or the Superluminova performance? No. Do I care? Of course not.
All I do know for sure is that I am extremely happy and proud to own and wear this Omega 18ct DeVille Prestige Jumping Hour.
If you want one all I’ll say is good luck with your search. In fact, that’s another thing I feel about owning this fine example. Very Lucky.

All text and pictures by RickAtkins.​
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